Inventory management software is a software system for tracking inventory levels, orders, sales and deliveries. It can also be used in the manufacturing industry to create a work order, bill of materials and other production-related documents.

Inventory management software in Coimbatore

Track your sales orders and delivers and manage yours every unit of your inventory management software with our powerful stock and inventory management system. Manufacturing industries can now use our software to generate work orders as well as bills of various materials. It is a handy tool for material tracking and management.

Now keep overstocking or understocking of products under control with Niditech’s unique software for inventory management. It is organised and hence, easy to to operate.with this tool im your hand, you can do away with old-school methods of tracking stocs and keeping inventory under check. Niditech is a global leader in providing inventory Management System to business and organisations of all sizes.


Selecting the Best Inventory Management Software

Inventory Management System is an aspect that cannot be taken lightly, regardless of the niche or size of the company. One of the fastest moving lines of business is the supermarket and grocery sector. This is the one sector where the inventory moves at  super-fast pace, thereby necessitating the need for a POS system that is impeccable.

The product we offer at Niditech Solutions are a bespoke creation for this field. Form purchase and stocking inventory management to CRM and loyalty programs, Niditech solutions provides a complete automated solution, for evry firm striving to increase the level of efficiency and accuracy in its operations.

The winds of change are upon us. In a world where every gadget, tool, and technology is now getting integrated with the web, implementing a comprehensive and secure software has become a must, for all organisations striving to be ahead of the competition.

Our Software Services

Manufacturing companies can use our software to track the total cost of material that go into the various process.  Identifiers that are embedded in the software help identify the products and any information  related to them.


Inventory management manages the ordera from the customers to warehouses. In addition, it handles the money transaction, team collaboration


Software manages your purchases as similar to the order management. With offering barcode, automatic pruchase orders, and easy money transaction.


Shipping Management function allows you to track your product shipping and reduces various costs by automatic.


Niditech offers an inventory management system that ensures effiecient, effective, and real-time inventory management


Automates warehouse workflows using optimized resources through quicker picking and packaging procedures.


Our Inventory Management Software provides real-time & analysis with stock & order data.

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Manages Payments that comes within the the invetory of your organisation. In addition, it allows you to make better financial decisions.


The software can track each of your product with serial number and batch tracking can keep track of moving product.


Our Software allows you to effectively handle your process of returns receiving or refunds. It also helps you to simplify the whole process and take the stress out of it.

INVENTORY Automation

Software automates inventory management processes and takes by savng time,costs, and duplicate tasks.


Our Software automatically generates the B2B purchase orders to vendors by analyzing the stock and warehouse.


Automatically integrates all your contacts to the inventory managemnt system. It helps to make the communication process better and easier



Cloud-Based Accounting Software

Works Both Online/Offline


Hardware Independent

Runs on Browser and support all Devices


No Data Loss

Store Data on secure Amazon Web Server (AWS)


No Upgradation Cost

Auto updation system helps you to upgrade your Business


Technical team

Our Technical team gives you Online and Offline Support

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