In today’s world, we are surrounded by smart devices and applications in all industries. Internet of Things (IoT) is now essential for your business success. Whether you seek to implement IoT inside your company or provide it to your customers, NIDITECH SOLUTIONS offers you the customized solutions you seek.

By deploying AI, Deep Learning and Computer Vision, We build software defined autonomous machines across multiple industries. NIDITECH SOLUTIONS broad expertise in IoT will help you achieve the efficiency and enhancement you need to increase the value of your business.

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NIDITECH SOLUTIONS is a top-notch Software Company in Coimbatore. We are providing a wide range of services like AI Solutions, IOT, Python Application Development, Alfresco, ECMS, Mobile Application Development, ERP, Web Application, Digital Marketing Services & Branding Solutions. We pay attention to every detail of your requirement because we at NIDITECH believe that “God lies in Details”.

Our company caters from start-ups to market player across various industries. We have skilled and energetic enthusiasts in our team to provide the best of the best service to our customers. So just think of us when are in need of any of the services we have mentioned.

  • Static Website
  • Dynamic Website
  • Parallax Website

Static websites are HTML websites with fixed information and graphics. NIDITECH SOLUTIONS, is a leading Indian static website designing company.Our specialist group is engaged in growing a success digital advertising principles. We offer low cost custom web design services. Static websites are stylish, with designer concepts as we design every websites with new ideology. Custom design in affordable low cost is our specialty.

Static Website Design

  • High Quality
  • Impressive Design
  • Aesthetic Appeal
  • Inspirational
  • Concepts
  • Innovative Ideas
  • User Friendly

NIDITECH developers Group specializes in designing website with innovative ideas and contemporary designing concepts. Our team got expertise of over 14 year in providing unique and quality deliverables to our diversified client sectors. And we believe that makes us ideal choice for hundreds of satisfied customers globally.

A Dynamic Website Page is any page which has content that can be modified by coding or script at the instance the page is requested. Dynamic website pages are pages that let a customer to set their desire concerning what kind of page they want will be created and customised. Generally dynamic website is the website with all web contents being stored in a database and brought together into a web page when the web page is demanded.Our web design team includes quite professional and experienced crew, who can offer our customers with Dynamic web Designing offerings of the highest high-quality.

Features of Dynamic Website Designing:

• Inquiry Basket • Customized web design • Unlimited Images of Products on Display • Payment Gateway Integration • Online shopping cart • User Friendly Control Panel
Parallax design is the new technique followed in Web designing. This vertical scrolling website visually motivates & engages traffic and provokes them to scroll the page up & down, as it brings in an element of excitement.It’s best for brands that have one line of products, to promote specific product’s benefit and functionality or for running a single campaign. We propose this single page design for client’s whose purpose of design is to create curiosity, interact with the visitor and add richness to their brand.Illustrative and impactful nature of parallax design will envelop the visitor in a dynamic environment & convey the concept easily. With HTML5 & CSS 3 technologies, we create captivative single page design that delights audience. Parallax design creates 3D effects, in other words it makes foreground to pop out a little. Here the background is moved slower than the foreground and so viewer will have an illusion of depth & distance. With CSS we make different layers of the web page & bring in the visual effects without the use of flash. It’s totally different from the traditional website that has boring text, here we turn your information into a story and create a story-line which would innovatively convey your message and increase the brand awareness. It animates page elements & scrolls in a vertical or horizontal pattern.

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NIDITECH Solutions is an India-based web application development company with UK management. We’ve been in business since 2009 and today we have 42+ staff.

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